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- Young Mi, Oh
82 - 31 - 3369347

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ALTOCHEM CO., LTD. is established in 2002 started as a chemical product manufacturing company supplying industrial adhesives including for medical use.
Especially, not only manufacturing synthetic orthopedic casting tape & splint, also we have been supplying all the materials, production lines and techniques to other manufacturers as a total service.
With consistent and passionate R&D investment we have been keeping our product's quality superb, which brought us high reputations from all users.
This made us set a firm footing as a top company in its field and we will elad a new way.

Company name          ALTOCHEM CO., LTD
Address                      400, Hwasan-ri, Idong-myeon, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Tel                              +82-70-4147-9347
Fax                             +82-31-336-9349
E-mail               ,
President                    Mr. Kang, Jin-kyu
Established                Aug. 2002
Capital                        US$300,000.00
Employee                   15
Major Production       Casting manufacturing facilities, Splint manufacturing facilities, Dehumidifier,
facilities                      Mixer, Reactor, etc.
Main buiness             Orthopedic Casting Tape and Splint, Chemical Product (Water based adhisive                                               and sealent, Two component epoxi resin, pu resin)

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